Moving on to be like no other

Why Egyptchem?

There are many reasons to choose Egyptchem International for Agrochemicals Company; the fact that we’re seeking to be a global organization active in many countries, and that we’ve spent the last years building a reputation for technical innovation and excellence are chief among them.
We place our clients’ needs first; the technology is simply a means to an end that supports growth and success. Find out how we’re different and why we should be your agrochemicals provider of choice.
Our clients choose us because we use our experience to make their farms the best farms by producing the best and cheaper product.


Egyptchem International for agrochemicals has the vision to be respectable company with regional influence aiming at «Creating value through offering hiegh quality product and servicevia adoupting scientific development approach to realize sustainable business partnerships.


To be leading key player in the industry with technology driving and aproaches and agrochemical care to be an excellent company that fulfill social responsibility principles with regional influence.


Egyptchem International for agrochemicals main objective is to achieve the hieghst ranking supplier of agrecultural pesticides, public health products and fertilizers to the African continent through the providing full collection of products that sutisfies market requirements.